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9/15/2016 Kattnig recall effort fails; petitioners unable to garner enough signatures
The recall petition against County Commissioner Bob Kattnig failed to produce the needed signatures required to make the November 8 general election ballot. The three petitioners, Darla Wilhite, Jaxine Bubis and Carol Clemenson, had until Monday, Sept. 12 to turn in the required 490 signatures. Efforts to reach them were unsuccessful. “It’s time for the citizens of Custer County to start working together,” Kattnig said when asked about his feelings of the failed recall. He recently held a town hall meeting to address the recall allegations in front of a crowd of nearly 100, including several of the petitioners. The petition stated that Kattnig should be removed from office because of his perceived unpreparedness, alleged misogynistic behavior, and his not being a rancher because he “only owns twenty acres of land.” Kattnig was not up for election this year and will be joined by Jay Printz and the winner of the District 2 commissioner election between Republican Donna Hood and Independent John Johnston. -Jordan Hedberg