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4/17/2014 First State Bank to make move to Adams Blvd. building

The First State Bank of Colorado is moving from its current location at 1000 Main Street in Westcliffe to the former Morgan’s Restaurant building on Adams Boulevard. The target date for the big move is Saturday, May 3.
 According to bank president Buford Thompson of Denver, everything is on track to meet that date and return to regular hours on Monday, May 5.
“This is something we have been planning for years,” Thompson said. “We have been waiting for the right opportunity and have been making improvements to the new property so that it will be a full service branch.”
The new location is at 102 South Adams Boulevard in Westcliffe along the Bluffs.
Thompson explained that the move is being done to obtain more business space, a modern office and an upgrade to a nicer and more attractive facility.
“We feel that the new office will still be convenient to customers,” Thompson said. “We have already informed our customers that we are relocating their safe deposit boxes in the move, and that those boxes are still available to them.”
The bank’s lease office, which is currently located next to the 1000 Main Street building, will also move with them to 102 South Adams Boulevard.
“Both the lease building and the old bank will be put up for sale or leased,” Thompson said. “We will sell, but not to another bank.”
Thompson stated that the bank may ask the local towns or county if they are interested in buying or leasing the buildings.
The ATM, located at the front of the bank on 1000 Main Street, will remain open even after the move.
“We are considering a second ATM at the new location,” Thompson said. “Until that old building is leased or sold, the current ATM will still be offered to customers.”
The bank will keep its regular business hours at its new office, staying open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. On Saturday hours are 9 a.m. to noon.
For more information, contact the bank at 783-9211.
– J.E. Ward