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4/10/2014 Some New Faces

Some New Faces
Rod Thornburg and Paul Wenke were sworn in Tuesday as the newest additions to the Westcliffe board of town trustees.

As local businessmen and civic leaders, both will bring a fresh and new dynamic to the town board.

Honored for their years of service on the board were outgoing trustees Art Nordyke and Joe Cascarelli. Nordyke has held a trustee seat longer than anyone in recent memory, and his contributions always were with the betterment of the community and its citizens in mind.

We’ve not always agreed with Cascarelli’s governance, but we do know that he was a thoughtful and disciplined elected leader who kept an eagle eye on his fiduciary responsibilities.

Both Nordyke and Cascarelli deserve a collective thanks for their contributions to our great little community.

Up in Silver Cliff, six incumbents were returned to office. The fact that voters returned all incumbents to the town board speaks well of the public’s overall satisfaction with their service, and we congratulate all on their ballot victories.

A Community Saddened
Citizens of all ages were saddened this week to learn of the death of a popular young teenager, Tanner Wray.

The C-1 school district responded quickly by providing grief counselors for staff and students who were shocked by the news of the tragedy.

We join everyone in offering our deepest condolences and sympathy to Tanner’s family during this incredibly difficult time.