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4/3/2014 Recall? Get Real

A terribly misinformed rabble-rouser wasted otherwise good time earlier this week by approaching the Custer County commissioners to engage them in a recall effort against the five-member board of directors of the West Custer County Hospital District.

First of all, the Hospital District is a stand-alone special district and taxing entity over which the county commissioners have absolutely no say nor sway, except in rare and very unusual circumstances.

But more importantly, the last thing needed now in our hospital district is a divisive and disruptive recall, particularly since not a single member of the board has demonstrated one ounce of malfeasance.

Certainly the hospital district has had its difficulties, notably with cash-flow issues at the medical clinic and problems related to our community’s all-important ambulance service. The hospital board members – Joe Arbuckle, Brent Bruser, Chuck Ippolito, Ken Lankford and Bob Tobin – are working diligently in finding suitable options to ensure our citizens and visitors the best health care available.

During Monday’s commissioner meeting, a number of Ambulance Corps workers were on hand and expressed their support and confidence in the hospital district board.
The fallacious recall notion not only is a bad idea on its own, but particularly now, when special district elections are potentially underway. Three hospital district board members are up for re-election, but not a single soul stepped forward to challenge them and thus all three are being re-elected by acclamation with no costly election taking place.

Nearly everyone is frustrated with the difficulties being experienced within the hospital district. But there is some top-notch leadership working on those problems, and they deserve the support – not the derision – of the entire community.