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11/14/2013 We (Heart) Westcliffe!

Okay shoppers, take note: Only 40 days until Christmas!


With Thanksgiving this year falling virtually as late as calendrically possible, the Christmas holiday season will be sneaking up on all but the most prepared Santa-sensitive savant.


Fear not: Our Wet Mountain Valley merchants are ready to serve you.


This time of year – indeed, throughout the year -- local residents are chided, encouraged and beseeched to shop at home. Obviously, the economics just make sense. Additional sales tax revenues help our local governments, and increased cash flow in our local business community help create jobs and support firms which in turn give back to the community.


Our local businesses are just now pulling out of a sustained economic downturn. And there’s new vitality: there are a number of new business ventures and business owners along Main Street, and there’s a renewed sense of vivacity. Serious discussions are underway regarding the hiring of a Main Street Manager to help boost tourism, as well as the formation of an Entertainment District in Westcliffe, which would make downtown Westcliffe a livelier place to visit.


If you and your family decide to devote at least a portion of your holiday shopping budget at home, you’ll help support and encourage our local shops, and we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of goods available. And another bonus: you’ll avoid the madness of big-city, box-store shopping.


Like usual, there will be a Christmas Parade in Westcliffe (on Dec. 7), and our merchants are planning other special holiday activities.


Proudly wear the pin or bumpersticker that says "We (Heart) Westcliffe." Then put that sentiment into action by shopping at home.