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11/14/2013 New school board members get down to business

At the Tuesday, November 12, school board meeting, Randy Woods swore in the new directors, Robert Jolley, Terre Davis and Jill Rowland. The board also elected its new officers. Voted in as President, Brenda Gaide took the gavel from outgoing President, Woods, whose service ended under a term limit. Monty Lee was elected as Vice-President and Jill Rowland as the secretary/treasurer.

Selle presented the two term-limited directors, Woods and Gary Frickle, with clock plaques that are given to retiring school staff and faculty. Selle thanked both men for their eight years of service. He also thanked Dave Bennett, appointed to the board replacing Brad Stam, who resigned the school Board in 2012. Bennett, representing district 4, was defeated by Davis.

Before leaving, Woods said his eight years on the board were positive ones and he thanked those in the school and community. He also commended his term-limited colleague, saying, "I give a special thanks to Gary Frickell; never have I worked with a more committed individual."

Though the meeting’s agenda indicated directors would be assigned to specific committees, committee assignments were not made. Director Davis asked about information of each committee, including the role and time commitment involved with them. After Selle briefly described them, the board agreed to determine the committee appointments at the December meeting, which gives new board members time to decide the committees they’d like to serve on.

-Cyn Williams