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7/25/2013 Our Priceless Resource


On Tuesday of this week, Gov. John Hickenlooper, at the annual Governor’s Service Awards Ceremony, paid tribute to a dozen Coloradans and organizations that exemplify the spirit of volunteerism.


There were some notable selections to be sure. An 87-year-old man who, through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, devotes countless hours maintaining Colorado’s trail system. A teenage Vietnamese immigrant has led his school’s service club and convinced its members to perform a wide array of volunteer activities. A military veteran has assisted hundreds of fellow veterans to train and find jobs in the state’s green building industries. Worth, accomplishments all.


There were no Custerites on Hickenlooper’s list, but we think we know why – there are simply too many dedicated volunteers in our midst to recognize.


Just look at the past couple of weeks in the Wet Mountain Valley. Scores and scores of volunteers worked tirelessly to stage our July 4 celebration, our Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival, and last weekend’s County Fair and Stampede Rodeo. Their ranks consisted of ticket-takers, committee members, trash picker-uppers and number-crunchers. Not a one of these July events would take place were it not for these dedicated, non-paid workers.


This impressive level of volunteerism extends year round. Custer County is home to more than 60 non-profit organizations that promote our local history, the arts, education, public safety and wellbeing, animal welfare and other arenas that contribute to our great quality of life here. And it’s mostly accomplished by volunteers.


If you already give of your time and resources, thanks for helping make Custer County a better place to live. If you haven’t yet found a volunteering niche, find a group, an organization or a cause that appeals to you. And add your richness to the mix.