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7/25/2013 Three seats up in C-1 election


With three school board positions open, the election process will soon begin in the C-1 School District.

The election for the seats in Districts One, Four and Five will occur on November 5. However, before that date, candidates will need to follow the proper procedures to get their names on the ballot.

On Wednesday, August 7, the school district will send out a legal notice calling for nominations. At that time, prospective candidates can pick up a petition packet at the school’s main office. The packet’s materials must be completed and submitted back to the school by August 30. School administrators will then deliver the petitions to the county clerk’s office, which will determine if the candidates are eligible to run.

Each election district has specific boundaries. Roughly, District One encompasses the immediate area of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff. District Four covers Centennial Ranch, Cuerno Verde, and the southern area of Custer County. Lastly, District Five is comprised of Silver Cliff Heights, Ilse Camp, Conquistador Estates and Blumenau.

The school district has a map showing the exact borders of each district, and people wishing to self-nominate can view it at the school’s main office.

School board vacancies are open since two positions are term limited: Gary Frickle, who represents District One and Randy Woods of District Four, have each served two terms of four years. District Five has been represented by David Bennett, appointed to replace Brad Stam who stepped down during his term. That position is also open to election, and Bennett is eligible to run for a full four-year term.

The carryover school board members are Brenda Gaide in District Two, and Monty Lee in District Three.