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6/13/2013 Thongs, Not Guns

In an act that can only be described as dangerously provocative – if  not down-right idiotic – our local Tea Party Patriots via flyers are inviting everyone, kids, grandmas, and nut-cases alike, to bring handguns, rifles and “especially the evil black ones” to the upcoming July 4th parade in Westcliffe.

The motives, no doubt, are a show-of-force regarding the current 2nd Amendment discussions now underway. But this illogical display is likely – no pun intended – to backfire, literally or figuratively.

Our July 4th celebration here is a family event: a fun time to celebrate our nation’s independence. But this little exercise will be frightful for children and families. And if one individual sees this as an opportunity to turn Westcliffe into another Columbine or Newtown, our fair burg will be negatively impacted forever. And don’t bet that couldn’t happen.

We’re all for reasonable discussion on how the Constitution addresses gun rights, but even in the best case scenario, this particular exercise does nothing to further logical debate. And it certainly does nothing to shore up the credibility of the Tea Party crowd.

Instead of guns, we would encourage our local patriots – not to stereotype, but often angry, fat white guys – to borrow their wife’s or girlfriend’s thongs for the day and wear them with pride in the parade. It will be equally as provocative, equally as upsetting, equally as legal, but probably a whole lot safer.

Toting a six-shooter or an unloaded weapon around town may meet legal guidelines. But the promoters are only asking for trouble. There’s probably still time for the Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the celebration, to take action. Once word gets around about this irresponsible, dangerous and thoughtless incitement gets around, Westcliffe’s summer tourist season could be decimated in one single flash.