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6/13/2013 Dog Park edges closer to cash prize

Dundee’s Walkabout Dog Park in Silver Cliff is one step closer to winning $25,000 in the PetSafe “Bark For Your Park” contest.

“Our goal is to win the special “Bark From Your Heart” award for the city with the largest number of votes as a percentage of population,” reported Marty Mernitz, Dundee Park board member and one of the organizers for the contest. With a census population of 587, Silver Cliff, is the smallest city in the competition which works to its advantage. “Every six votes moves us up one percent,” said Mernitz, “while our closest competitor with a population of 2,735 needs 28 votes to move up one percent. So every vote counts.”

Silver Cliff is currently the leader for the special award, but competition is fierce and the strategy is to get a strong lead and keep it growing. Beginningtomorrow and every Friday through July 26, voters have the opportunity to add seven extra votes by answering a question on the PetSafe website. To take advantage of this bonus opportunity Dundee Memorial Park is sponsoring a “Blast Out the Vote” every Friday afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. at The Wine Mine patio in downtown Westcliffe. Computers will be set up for people to register their votes while they enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or beer. “We want to see how many votes we can register in two hours,” Mernitz said. “If you can’t attend the get-together, be sure to vote so we’ll get the bonus seven votes.” The Wine Mine is dog-friendly so well-behaved dogs are welcome with their owners.

Last year’s winner of the Bark From Your Heart award, Derby, Vermont, has adopted Silver Cliff in this year’s competition. In addition to encouraging their members to vote for Silver Cliff, the group has been sharing strategies and tips with Silver Cliff organizers. “Derby, Vt. has the same population as Silver Cliff, so it knows what we’re going through. It’s awesome that it has decided to help us out.”

Voters can sign up to receive daily email reminders to vote, notifications of special events and special tips and shortcuts on how to vote on Fridays to get the bonus votes by contacting marty@dundeememorialpark.com or visiting the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/barkforyourparksilvercliffco or at the website www.dundeeswalkabout.com

The next requirement is completion of a 30 second video which will be uploaded by PetSafe to YouTube for nationwide viewing. At least 1,000 views will earn 1000 bonus points. Stay tuned!

Voters do not have to live in Silver Cliff to vote, so voters are encouraged to email family and friends to join in their support. Voters can register to vote once a day atwww.barkforyourpark.com and once a day on the PetSafe Facebook page. Voters will receive an email clue from PetSafe every Friday to earn an extra seven votes for the park. “We only need 80 people to participate every Friday in the “Seven Vote Sniffout” to raise our percent by 100 percent each Friday.” So be the hero your dog thinks you are and go online and vote for Silver Cliff!