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3/28/2013 Silver Cliff abolishes town gov't.; 1880-era law allows for kingdom (APRIL FOOLS!)

White smoke billowed from the woodstove chimney at the Silver Cliff Town Hall Monday evening, signaling the town’s switch from an elected trustee system to a municipal monarchy.

A throng of Silver Cliff residents, some weeping and many cheering enthusiastically, welcomed the news.

In recent years, Silver Cliff has had a difficult time in attracting trustee candidates and discussion got underway earlier this year about what options the town board had regarding the situation.

Under the new municipal monarchy, mayor Larry Weber has been named the King of the Monarchy of  Silver Cliff. Members of his court consist of former town trustees. They are now Princess Mary Behrendt, Duchess Marty Wolff, Countess Lela Cravens, Baron  Bob Hall and Viscount Richard Lowe.

Town clerk Ileen Lemons will now carry the title of prime minister, and town man Troy Hobby will be gamekeeper for the monarchy.

All of the newly anointed nobility will serve for life. A special workshop will be held next week to determine future progenitors, or who will inherit the various royal titles.

Last month, the town trustees and museum curator Dorothy Urban stumbled upon an 1880’s-era town ordinance which set standards for a municipal monarchy should the need arise. It is believed that the town ordinance was drafted by one Reginald “Rucksack” Churchill IV who served on the Silver Cliff town board soon after its incorporation, and who was a member of the Valley’s sizeable colony of British Remittance Men. These remittance men – or “second sons” – were children of British nobility who came to the Western U.S. in the late nineteenth century to seek adventure. They relied on their eldest brothers, the primary heirs to their family’s wealth, to provide regular funds – remittances – to these younger siblings.

Following Monday night’s announcement, a formal ceremony was held in the parking lot of the town hall, and King Weber was crowned with a silver plated coronet, enveloped in a coyote fur stole, and presented a crozier hand-crafted by Silver Cliff woodworker Ken Wisecup.

Following the formal ceremony, the crowd proceeded next door to “R’s” where everyone enjoyed pizza and beer. Members of Silver Cliff’s Jammin’ Tuesday Band regaled those in attendance with a rendition of “God Save the King” and other appropriate numbers.