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2/28/2013 Tennis anyone? Town trustees consider request for court repairs

The cost of repairing the tennis courts adjacent to Hermit Park and the ongoing cost of tennis court maintenance was a topic of discussion during the regular Westcliffe town board meeting held earlier this month.

Larry Simmons, who spearheaded the original building of the town tennis courts, gave a bit of history regarding that project.

According to Simmons, some $16,000 was raised to build the tennis courts, and some $14,000 of in-kind work was completed by the Valley Parks Recreation and Youth organization. Additionally, the town of Westcliffe provided the stem wall, road base, asphalt and final surface.

The total project cost around $56,000, and it was completed around 2005.

It’s now time to repair the cracks in the tennis court, along with other maintenances, at a cost of about $13,000, said Simmons.

Simmons said a grant through the U.S. Tennis Association totaling $2,400 had been applied for and he was seeking private donations for the needed repairs.

Also noted was that since the tennis courts were built on town property, it was the responsibility of the town to keep them maintained.

Trustee Joe Cascarelli asked how many Westcliffe residents used the tennis courts. Cascarelli also requested two more bids.

Simmons responded by saying nine of the overall local users actually lived in Westcliffe. He also noted tourists and other visitors to the community also used the tennis courts, as well as Silver Cliff and Custer County residents.

The general consensus of the trustees was to see if the grant will be received and to give Simmons time to seek two other bids before making a final decision regarding what to do about tennis court repairs and maintenance.

In other business during the Feb. 5 town board meeting, the trustees:

--APPROVED a bonus for clerk/treasurer Kathy Reis and park supervisor Jerry Keffer equal to five percent of their current salaries. Keffer’s assistant, Manny Fernandez, received a bonus of $250.

--GAVE the NOD to spending up to $5,000 to purchase and install Christmas lights for the town’s business district next holiday season.

--APPROVED the purchase of a time clock not to exceed $250 so employees can clock in and out each work day.

--DECIDED TO PROCEED with a bid package to make adjustments to the current dip in the road on the north side of the county courthouse at Highway 69 and Rosita Avenue.

--SAID YES to eliminating the town manager phone number since that position was eliminated last month.

--APPROVED resolution 2-2013 designating the mayor as the liaison between the trustees and town staff.

All trustees -- Audrey Gluschke, Brain Clince, John Johnston, Art Nordyke, Steve Trombley and Joe Cascarelli – were present as was mayor Christy Veltrie.

The next Westcliffe town board meeting is slated for Tuesday, March 5, at 5:30 p.m.  – Nora Drenner