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2/14/2013 New airport advisory board buckling up for take-off

The county commissioners continue to get their ducks in a row in regards to the operation of the SilverWest Airport.

A workshop between the commissioners and airport advisory board is slated for this coming Tuesday, Feb. 19, beginning at 10 a.m. at the county airport’s operations/ maintenance /storage building.

Also invited to the table are state aeronautics officials from the Denver area and Fremont County Airport manager Bob Baker.

During the recent commissioners’ meetings on Jan. 31, and Feb. 4-5, commissioner Allen Butler said he had met with Baker about the procedures the Fremont County Airport has in place in regards to the dos and don’ts of its advisory board.

Butler said Baker had given him a copy of those rules and regulations, and Butler said he had passed copies onto Custer County Airport Advisory board members Bob Jolley, Dallas Anderson, Bob Koester, Mary Seifert and Art Nordyke.

Butler also noted that since the Fremont County Airport was operated under FAA rules, and the SilverWest Airport operated under state aeronautics rules, some items in the Fremont County Airport document would not apply.

“That’s just a starting point for us,” said Butler.

Butler also said there is a strong possibility the county could obtain a crack seal machine at no cost for airport taxiway/runway maintenance.

That machine, said Butler, would come from the state aeronautics division at no cost to Custer County provided two other airports in the region could be found to share the machine.

Additionally, the machine could only be used by the three airports.

Butler said such an agreement with the Fremont County Airport was a possibility, so only one more airport was needed.

Butler also reiterated that the taxiway/runway maintenance grant through the state aeronautics division was a go in 2013, with very little, if any, county match dollars required.

Commissioner Lynn Attebery also said that other grant proceeds for additional projects were also available through the state, even outside the state aeronautics division’s regular grant cycle.

Commissioner Kit Shy said he was pleased with the direction of the SilverWest Airport and the folks at the helm of the day-to-day operations.

The county commissioners have come under fire by some Valley residents for recently switching from an Airport Authority Board to an advisory board, even though that is how most county airports in Colorado are operated today.

The commissioners will hold their regular mid-month meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 6 p.m. in the Wetmore Fire Station. – Nora Drenner