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1/31/2013 A banjo virtuoso? See for yourself at upcoming In Concert show

In Concert is pleased to announce Jayme Stone’s “Room of Wonders” as the second offering of its tenth anniversary season. The concert will take place at 4 p.m. (note the change from the usual time) on Sunday, February 10, at the Jones Theater. Stone will be bringing his unusual quartet composed of banjo, guitar, violin and bass.

A Canadian banjoist and composer, Stone has won two Juno Awards—the “Grammy” Awards of Canada—one for Instrumental Album of the Year with his 2008 solo album “The Utmost,” and one with Malian Mansa Sissoko for the 2009 World Music Album of the Year with the bluegrass/African fusion album “Africa to Appalachia.” He recently won the 2012 Canadian Folk Music Award for Instrumental Artist of the Year.

Stone has studied with Béla Fleck, one of the world’s most innovative and technically proficient banjo players, and with Fleck’s teacher Tony Trischka, who has been called the “Godfather of Banjo.”

Stone’s musical interests are not bound by any geographic or national boundaries. He thrives on unexpected inspiration: Japanese poetry, Brazilian literature, and instruments he found while traveling in remote Malian villages.

Stone went to Africa knowing what’s still news to most of us: the hide-covered instrument with an “extra” drone string we call the banjo actually comes from West Africa. He became particularly curious about the music that may have made it across the ocean on slave ships headed west from Senegal and Mali in the 1600s. His three-month visit to Africa resulted in the  album “Africa to Appalachia,” a boundary-crossing collaboration with singer and kora maestro Sissoko.

His love of travel and the study of folk traditions from around the world led to his next album, “Room of Wonders.” This album explores folk music from Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, Brazil, Italy and North America. In addition to folk music, Stone’s quartet will play jazz, classical music, and Stone’s own lush, edgy compositions.

During the intermission, concert attendees are invited to visit Studio 2 to view local artist Annie Dawid’s household art in the style of the Omega Workshop’s artist decorators of the 1920s. Seeking to bring art into everyday life, these artists transformed ordinary objects into works of beauty. In addition, concert goers will have a chance to meet the musicians at a reception following the performance.

Tickets at $15 for adults and $5 for students may be purchased at Candy’s Coffee or at the Jones Theater on the day of performance. For more information, call 783-9709 or 783-0422.