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1/31/2013 Towns report slight increase in zoning permits

The towns of Silver Cliff and Westcliffe have released the total number of building and zoning permits issue in 2012, with both towns seeing an increase.

In Silver Cliff, the total number of permits issued last year jumped to 44 as compared to 33 in 2011. Also on the uptick was the dollars collected in permit fees--$8,088 in 2012 as compared to $5754 in 2011.

Of the total 2012 Silver Cliff building permits issued, two were for new residences, one was for a new garage or storage facility, 24 were additions and remodels to existing buildings, one was for a commercial building, three were for manufactured homes, three were for fences, five were driveways, one was a permit renewal, one was for a sign and three were for demolitions.

In Westcliffe, the total number of building and zoning permits issued in 2012 was 27, which is five more than in 2011.

However, the dollars collected in permit fees in 2012 was $7,038, which was slightly less than 2011’s $7,679.

The dollars taken in each year for permit fees are based on the overall cost of each project.

The breakdown of Westcliffe permits in 2012 is as follows: one was demolition of one-half of a building; one was construction of a mobile shed; six were roof replacements; one was remodeling of a shed at a commercial building; two were an interior remodels; one was construction of a garage with an apartment above; one was a home addition; one was the building of a greenhouse; one was the building of a residence with a detached garage; one was hanging drywall in a detached garage; one was a home addition and deck; two were carports; one was a deck removal; one was widening a door and adding an ADA ramp; one was a window replacement; one was the building of one-half a residence; one was a chimney repair; and one was a roofing, wall removal and stucco project; one was a porch addition; and one was removal and replacement of a second story deck. – Nora Drenner

‘Cliffe trustees consider changing town sign code

The town of Westcliffe is forming a committee to look at its current sign code and to make recommendations regarding possible revisions.

Such action took place at the board of trustees’ regular monthly meeting on Jan. 2 after Westcliffe Inn owner Cindy Howard made such a request last month. At that time, Howard asked the board to consider amending the sign code to allow internally lit signs.

In other business, the Westcliffe trustees:

--HEARD a brief report from Sheriff Fred Jobe regarding contacts his office made in the town over the last year. Jobe said his deputies made a total of 540 contacts in Westcliffe in 2012. Of those contacts, 158 were traffic related with 53 tickets issued; 55 were offenses such as criminal complaints and insufficient checks; 13 were accidents primarily on private property; 261 were incidents that were not crimes such as a house watch or suspicious vehicle to check out; and the remaining were bar checks and calls to the school.

Jobe noted that while calls for service within the town continue to rise, crime remains the same.

--ALLOWED mayor Christy Veltrie to sign the cover letter for a grant proposal to the Gates Family Foundation requesting $100,000 for the Bluff Project expansion. No town dollars are being used for that grant.

--APPROVED a letter of support for a $50,000 EL Pomar Grant submission by the San Isabel Land Protection Trust for the Bluff Project expansion. No town dollars are being used.

--RENEWED a Certificate of Deposit (CD) at Canon National Bank. Trustee John Johnston voted no saying the thought the town should have all its money in a local bank.

--DESIGNATED the town hall as the official posting place for public notices including meeting agendas.

--HEARD from Mel Porth of the All Aboard Westcliffe organization that AAW is considering constructing a trestle across the ditch on the south side of the AAW Museum on Rosita Ave.

- -WERE ASKED by Mel Porth to talk with Colorado Department of Transportation officials about the viability of constructing a mini roundabout at the intersection of Highway 69 at Third Street and Main Street.

Trustees present were Joe Cascarelli, Audrey Gluschke, John Johnston, Art Nordyke, Steve Trombley and mayor Christy Veltrie. Absent was trustee Brian Clince.

The next town board meeting is slated for Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 5:30 p.m. – Nora Drenner