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1/17/2013 Wildlife officials kill cougar that wandered into Westcliffe

Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife personnel destroyed a mountain lion spotted on the southwest side of Westcliffe last Friday morning, January 11.

Iris Supan of Edwards Avenue reported seeing the lion around the boxcars at All Aboard Westcliffe Museum on Rosita Avenue. Reportedly, the lion was gazing at Westcliffe resident Mel Porth who was busy unloading various items at the AAW Depot.

Supan, whose husband Tony is a local deputy, called the sheriff’s office at 9:15 a.m. to report the incident.

When deputies arrived on scene the lion lay under the boxcar for a few minutes before moving on to the Wolff Hotel at the corner of Rosita Avenue and south Second Street.

It crawled under the historic hotel’s deck where it remained.

Parks and Wildlife rangers arrived on scene and destroyed the animal after determining it did not appear to be afraid of humans, and if moved to another area the lion would likely return, said Custer County sheriff Fred Jobe.

Additionally, Jobe said the lion was an older female who had few teeth and was half- starved.

It is believed the mountain lion came into town in search of easy prey such as deer, dogs and domestic cats. – Nora Drenner