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1/10/2013 Making a list and checking it twice, commissioners issue appointments

As is usual, one of the first items of business for the county commissioners during their first meeting of the year is to make annual appointments to the various local, regional and state boards.

The following are the appointments determined for 2013, as finalized during the commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Chairman of the commissioners: Lynn Attebery; vice-chair: Allen Butler; clerk to the board Debbie Livengood; deputy clerk to the board Kris Lang; County attorney John Naylor; road and bridge supervisor Dave Trujillo; road and bridge assistant supervisor in Westcliffe Roger Squire; road and bridge assistant supervisor in Wetmore Larry Haynes;

Human resources/finance manager Dawna Hobby; custodian Lori Bistodeau; human/social services director Laura Lockhart; publisher: Wet Mountain Tribune; depositories: First State Bank of Colorado and the Colo Trust;

Planning and zoning director Jackie Hobby; public health nurse Donna McDonnall; county health officer Donna McDonnall; Resource Center and Annex manager, vacant at present time; veteran service officer Ken Felty; VSO assistant Lorraine Silva; Landfill supervisor Rusty Christensen; Scales/maintenance Emil Roy;

Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments rep Allen Butler; UAACOG recycling board: Allen Butler and Robin Young; UAACOG workforce investment board: Kit Shy, business representative Chuck Steigerwalt; Southern Colorado Economic Development District: Lynn Attebery, Dee Hoag; Emergency Management Director: Christe Feldmann; Airport Advisory Board -- all one year terms: Bob Jolley, Dallas Anderson, Mary Seifert, Art Nordyke, Bob Koester; 911 Authority Board: Lynn Attebery, Kit Shy; Action 22: Lynn Attebery, Dee Hoag; Colorado Film Commission: Lynn Attebery; Transportation Planning Region/ Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee rep:Allen Butler; Frontier Pathways and Scenic Byways rep:  Lynn Attebery;

Southern Colorado Regional Trauma Advisory Council: primary reps are Christe Feldmann, Judy Rafferty and Dave Noble; alternate reps are Gail Stoltzfus, Donna McDonnall and Chuck Ippolito;

Planning commission and when terms expire: Cindy Howard (1/16), Pat Bailey (1/14), Vic Barnes (1/16), Bill Donley (1/16), Patrick Lynch (1/16), Keith Hood (1/15), Rod Coker (1/15);

Board of Zoning Adjustment and when terms expire: Dorothy Nepa (1/15), Ken Patterson (1/14), Jean Canterbury (1/16), Ken Lankford (1/16), Lockett Pitman (1/15); alternates to PC and BZA one-year terms: Bradley Stam and Dale Mullen;

Custer County Affordable Housing Committee: To be determined at a later date; Custer County Tourism Board and when terms expire: commissioner rep Lynn Attebery, Bob Weisenbach (1/14), Cindy Howard (1/16), John Mitchell (1/15), Chris Tabb (1/15), and ex-officio Brain Clince; West Custer County Library Board and when terms expire : Amy Baer (12/13), Doris Frizzell (12/13), Jim Gearhart (12/15), Mary Ann Moon (12/15), Ray Varney (12/14), Debbie Rabinowitz (12/14), Dave Heppe (12/14); Extension advisory board Janet Freeburg, Donna Hood, Arlie Riggs, Joanne Canda, Carlan Cardenas, Mary Gompf, Mary Seifert, Dee Hoag, Bob Kattnig, Carole Custer, Ryan Seifkas (FFA advisor), Robin Young (CSU extension); Fair Board: Danielle Gross, Duane Foster, Lynetta Gillmore, Dianne Rose, Scott Rowley, Carlan Cardenas, Shannon Byerly, Greg Watkins, Ryan Seifkas (FFA advisor), Robin Young (CSU extension), Elly Gluschke and Kyle Rose (4-H youth reps), Karly May (FFA youth rep);

Weed Advisory Board (all one year terms): Chuck Bennett, Bill Donley, Dick Downey, Jeff Outhier, J.R. Phillips, Jim Sperry, Dave Trujillo and Robin Young.