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1/10/2013 They’re (almost) in the mail: 9,200 property tax bills ready to go

Staff members in the Custer County Treasurer’s office are busy getting 9,221 property tax notices ready to mail to property owners to collect a total of $5,893,334.95 in taxes.

Last year, the same number of property tax notices went out to collect $5,912,990.35 in tax dollars.

As always, the taxes collected are disbursed into a number of funds. Here is this year’s breakdown:

--$2,204,838.97 to C-1 School District general fund, and $394,442.79 to C-1 School District bond levy fund;

--$1,018,276.49 to county general fund, $149,088.80 to public welfare, $496,962.66 to county road and bridge fund, $149,088.80 to county self-insurance fund, $198,785.06 to emergency services;

--$182,581.90 to West Custer County Library District;

--$451,893.26 to West Custer County Hospital District;

--$43,412.77 to Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District;

--$55,554.87 to RE2J School District in Florence general fund, $36,088.53 to RE2J School District bond levy fund;

--$32,007.54 to Rye Fire Protection District;

--$23,540.23 to the town of Silver Cliff;

--$55,519.53 to the town of Westcliffe;

--$47,508.29 to Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District;

--$353,744.46 to Wet Mountain Fire Protection District.

Custer County treasurer Virginia Trujillo reminds property owners they have two options for paying annual property taxes: If paying in one lump sum, property taxes are due by the last day in April. If paying in two installments, the first half is due by the last day in February and the second half is due by June 15.

Property tax notices will be mailed the third week in January, said Trujillo. As usual, the property tax notices are mailed to nearly all 50 states and numerous countries. – Nora Drenner