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1/3/2013 The County’s Year-End Work Load:

Commissioners tweak the budget in their final action of 2012

A number of routine matters were handled by the county commissioners during their final meeting of 2012.

On Dec. 28 commissioners Lynn Attebery, Allen Butler and Jim Austin:

--ADOPTED resolution 12-10 appropriating additional sums of money to defray expenses in excess of amounts budgeted in 2012. Additional revenue received was $56,000 in highway users taxes and $39,980 in grant proceeds from National Telecom for the tower repair to improve television reception for those in the community who do not use satellite. The additional $95,980 in revenue went into the road and bridge fund.

Increased expenses were $33,980 for the TV tower project; $33,000 for base and patching; $13,000 for gas, oil and diesel; and $10,000 for culverts for a total of $95,980 in expenditures placed in the road and bridge fund.

--TRANSFERRED $13,707.32 from the conservation trust fund to county general to offset the allowable expenses.

--TRANSFERRED $150,000 from the Payment in Lieu of taxes fund to the county general fund.

--RENEWED the liquor license for the Alpine Lodge. Initially, the license renewal was contingent upon receiving the fee as required. Prior to adjournment, county clerk Debbie Livengood announced those fees had been received.

--RATIFIED West Custer County Library Board appointments. Re-appointed to the board were Jim Gearhart and Mary Ann Moon.

The next county commissioner meeting is slated for Jan. 8 at 9 a.m. The commissioners will take a break at 10 a.m. to attend the swearing-in of commissioner–elect Kit Shy, who replaces Jim Austin. – Nora Drenner