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1/4/2018 Commissioners mull legal notices; okay liquor licenses
The county commissioners wrapped up the year with a host of approvals and the opening of bids from the Wet Mountain Tribune and the Sentinel for the designation of “newspaper of record” for the county for 2018. The decision on that matter will be made on Jan. 9. Commissioner Flower was present while Canda and Printz called in via telephone, to close out 2017 with the final meeting of the year. They approved the check vouchers, approved the transfer of funds from the Capital Improvement Fund to the Airport, and the request from county treasurer, Virginia Trujillo, to transfer $125,000 from the payment in lieu of taxes fund into the county’s general fund, for the December bills. Also approved a transfer of $447.88 from the general fund to the Conservation trust, for the auditor’s requirement for interest. Also approved were the liquor license renewals for Alpine Lodge, and the Lodge at San Isabel. Commissioners okayed the contract between the Sheriff’s Department and the Town of Silver Cliff. The commissioners agreed to approve the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) recycling agreement for 2018. County attorney Clint Smith opened the sealed bids submitted by the Tribune newspaper and by the Sentinel for designation as “newspaper of record.” Printz wanted it stated “for the record” that both publications submitted the bids in a timely manner. Jim Little, editor of the Wet Mountain Tribune, stated in his bid letter that the Tribune has remained the newspaper of record for both towns, all special districts and a variety of state and regional agencies. The Tribune’s bid was 25 cents per line for statutory legals and 32 cents for non-statutory legals. The Sentinel’s bid was 15 cents for statutory legals and 30 for non-statutory. The Tribune’s circulation is approximately four times greater than the Sentinel’s. The BOCC will decide on the designation, board appointments, and a slew of other items at their next meeting, Tuesday, January 9, at 9 a.m. – Tracy Ballard