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12/28/2017 “Cookin’ Wild:” New recipe book gives recipes of the late Locarnini
Editors Carol Ann Wilson and Elizabeth Joan Norton are pleased to announce the release of “COOKIN’ WILD Margaret’s Way: Recipes & Lore from Margaret Locarnini of Singing Acres Ranch.” A compilation of the late Margaret Locarnini’s recipes and drawings, along with a variety of photographs, “Cookin’ Wild” follows on the heels of “Because We Wanted To! Two Women, A Dream and A Ranch Called Singing Acres,” the biography of ranchers Clara Reida and the late Margaret Locarnini. “Because We Wanted To!” was a finalist for Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award in Womens’ Studies and the Colorado Authors’ League Award in Creative Nonfiction. “Cookin’ Wild” takes readers on an enjoyable tour of Margaret’s kitchen at Singing Acres Ranch, located along Highway 96 east of Westcliffe high in the Colorado Rockies. Readers will not only be engaged in her recipes and perspectives on preparing wild game; they’ll also find themselves happily getting to know the feisty, creative personality of Margaret herself. A woman of many talents, Margaret hunted, built, taught, painted, created, and more. Producing interesting, delicious meals was one of her favorite things to do, and she gladly shares her culinary wisdom throughout this book. Wilson will talk about the book during Women’s History Month at the West Custer County Library on Friday, March 16, at 11 a.m. The book is available locally at The Village Shop in Westcliffe and can be ordered on Amazon.