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12/28/2017 Social Security recipients here apparently living the good life
Financial firm says Custer County ranks on top for SS income versus cost-of-living Folks living on Social Security in Custer County apparently are living the good life: a financial tech firm says Custer County ranks number one in Colorado – and 184th in the nation – where Social Security payments go the furthest. The financial firm Smart Asset of New York City says the average Social Security payment in Custer County is $19,694 annually, while the per annum cost of living here is pegged at $18,247. Additionally, the annual payments made to Social Security recipients living in Custer County are the fourth highest in the state, and the 134th highest in the nation. Regarding Custer County’s standing as number one in Colorado where SS payments go the furthest, Mineral County ranks second, with average payments of $19,100 and a cost of living estimated at $18,583. Ouray County ranks third, with SS payments of $20,542 and a cost of living of $20,059. Smart Assets ranked every county in the nation to make its determinations. The accompanying graph shows the top ten Colorado counties where average Social Security payments are the highest. Colorado’s average SS payment is $16,900, while the state average for the cost of living is $19,785.