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7/6/2017 A Recall Echo
Just as nearly every Valley resident is gleefully awash in the usual summer fun here, the perennially angry and fearful minority is attempting to regurgitate another recall effort against the county commissioners. Readers may recall the failed recall effort from last summer in which Ė thankfully Ė not enough petition signatures were gathered to proceed with a recall against Commissioner Bob Kattnig in which various spurious arguments were used. Now, based on assorted social media chatter and other sources, a recall attempt may be in the offing against all three commissioners, promulgated by sore losers from last Novemberís general election. The motives seem to be equally as spurious, but apparently include the outing earlier this year of our county extension agent (that office, by the way, is back up and functioning). As with all things political, there are at least two sides to this particular issue but like it or not, itís a fait accompli. Regardless, it hardly serves as a reason to eject duly elected officials. Additionally, a special recall election could possibly cost our county as much as $10,000, money it simply doesnít have for such frivolities. We rarely have supported recall efforts, even in times of turmoil. (Our great republic system already allows for an electoral overthrow every four years or so.) But in this case, those tossing out the idea of a recall are the same troublemakers and sore losers whose main motivations seem to be their usual ploys of divisiveness, indignation and despair. If voters have concerns about our countyís governance, take time to visit with the commissioners to discuss the issues. Thatís how local politics works the best.