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7/6/2017 EcoDev announces WiFi expansion along Main St.
Custer County Economic Development Corp. (CCEDC) is happy to announce the expansion of its Main Street Wi-Fi System with the addition of two new Access Points provided by the Town of Westcliffe thanks to a Colorado Department of Local Affairs grant it recently received. The new addition provides new coverage from Main and 6th Street in Westcliffe eastward to north 10th Street. The system now provides complimentary internet access -- Wi-Fi connectivity -- from north 10th Street on the east westward through town to the intersection of Main and Adams Boulevard at The Bluff. Wi-Fi coverage is also provided at the Silver Cliff Park by two Access Points installed there. The system provides casual, on-demand Wi-Fi access to visitors, tourists, guests and anyone else desiring internet connectivity within the system footprint. The system is not intended to be used by businesses or residences as a replacement for their full-time internet service, but everyone can enjoy the additional capability. For more information, contact the not-for-profit Custer County Economic Development Corp. at 719/315-6229 or email: ccecondevc@gmail.com.