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7/6/2017 St. Andrews golf course closed due to property foreclosure woe
One of the countyís summer playgrounds, St. Andrews Golf Course, is simply not available to residents and visitors for play this year. In November of last year the property formally known as 800 CR 215 was foreclosed for the outstanding balance of $305,669.70 on the original secured indebtedness of $550,000 held by Denver based Walker property Group, Inc. Dates of public auction have been set and postponed a few times since then; as of this writing, St. Andrews is still simply held in foreclosure. The original beneficiary was Compass Bank; the current holder of the evidence of debt secured by the deed of trust is the corporate trust company, Pineda NPL-F2. Pineda legal representative, Paul Urtz of the Denver firm Miller and Urtz, has not returned phone calls inquiring about the eventual sale of the course and buildings. The property was initially purchased and developed in 1987 by John Manson, who followed the appropriate procedures with the County Planning and Zoning Office while developing the nine-hole course and club house. When Manson sold the property to Dave Peters in 1992, St. Andrews had been in operation for two years. Walker acquired the course and buildings in 2003, and closed the course when the outstanding indebtedness was foreclosed late last year. Unfortunately, St. Andrews is still listed on several golfing and tourist websites as an active ďMom and PopĒ link. That undoubtedly causes some confusion for visitors who find the course unattended upon arrival here. So, local golfers have been heading elsewhere for their sport. Those who participated in the Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Club annual golf tournament June 24 at the Holydot Golf Course were very pleased with accommodations there. Holydot is about an hourís drive from Westcliffe; it is located off Highway 165 in Colorado City. Its accurate website is holydotgolf.com; the phone number is 719/676-3341. -W.A. Ewing