829 Wet Mountain Tribune - Page 1 - 11/27/2014
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11/27/2014 County eyes 2015 budget of $5.7 million

The Custer County Commissioners have slashed and trimmed their proposed budget for 2015, and the preliminary expenditures for the coming year are $5,680,847. Anticipated revenues are $5,693,937.
The county’s beginning fund balance come January 1 is expected to be about $2.9 million.
Both those numbers are down slightly from the 2014 budget, which anticipated $6,026,656 in expenditures and $5,926,040 in revenues.
The lion’s share of revenues will come from property taxes, which will total approximately $1.9 million.
In the expenditure’s column, the county’s general fund is anticipating expenditures of $3,148,564.
The road and bridge department is expected to spend about $1.8 million, and planned spending for the emergency services fund is just under $400,000.
Other fund expenditures are as follows:
Insurance fund, $144,700; capital fund, $119,918; tourism fund $26,950; airport fund $41,925; and conservation trust fund $35,000.
The commissioners are expected to ratify the 2015 budget in December.

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