945 Wet Mountain Tribune - Page 1 - 6/30/2016
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6/30/2016 Printz, Hood sweep county commissioner balloting
Hood narrowly defeats incumbent Shy; Printz tops his three-way race It’s out with the old and in with the new as Republican voters selected fresh names and faces to lead Custer County into the future during Tuesday’s Primary Election. 1706 total ballots were cast with 1532 Republican ballots and 174 Democratic ballots. Total voter turnout was an impressive 66 percent. Only five ballots are being held for signature discrepancy and those voters will be contacted and have until July 7 to come in and correct their ballot. The County Clerk’s office was full and tense as the election results were announced and recorded on a large chart that was hung on the wall. Jay Printz easily won out over new rival Dale Falske and the spouse of a current Commissioner, Sandra Attebery in the district 2 election. It was in district 3 that voters were very nearly split down the middle and it took everyone watching the election results a few moments to squint at the board to see who had won the election. In the end it was Donna Hood winning the primary bid against incumbent Kit Shy by a razor thin margin of just18 votes. “It shows just how divided the community was in this election, and for me, I still have one more election to go,” commented Donna Hood briefly Tuesday night, and with characteristic modesty, she smiled and hugged friends and family that congratulated her victory. As of today there is no call for a recount and automatic recounts do not take effect unless there is a half of a percent difference between votes. While Jay Printz can savor his victory and know that he has won the commissioners seat, Donna Hood, however, has a challenger. For the first time in a very long while an unaffiliated political candidate will run against the Republican victor in district 3 during the November 8 election. Because Custer County is a very Republican area with over 2000 registered to the party, the primary election is generally the election that matters. Leading up to the election an impressive 114 Democrats and unaffiliated voters registered as Republicans to take part in the primary election. This year, voters will have a bit more of a choice in November. Local businessman John Johnston has thrown his hat into the commissioner ring and is already on the ballot for November. Because Johnston did not affiliate with Republicans or Democrats he was spared the primary election process, opting to simply gather enough signatures to make it onto the November ballot, which he easily accomplished several weeks ago. Another local person that was able to savor a victory was unopposed County Clerk Kelley Camper. Camper received a whopping vote of confidence from local residents with 1332 votes. But locals voted for more than just local politicians. In the field of five contenders for Republican U.S. Senator, Darryl Glenn won Custer County with 47.66 percent of the vote. Scott Tipton easily won over challenger Alexander Beinstein for Representative to Congress claiming 74 percent of the vote. The local primary election showed that hope and change is indeed eternal, perpetual, and always exciting. - Jordan Hedberg