884 Wet Mountain Tribune - Page 1 - 10/1/2015
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10/1/2015 Election ballots go out soon; voters face state, local questions
Leaves are falling and fall is coming, and with it comes the General Election on November 3. Voter registration is open up to and on election dates, a recent change in the registration structure which allows people more time, according to Kelly Camper, the Custer County Clerk. All elections will be mail ballots, and will be sent out the week of October 12. They must be physically returned by 7 p.m. November 3; postmarked by Nov. 3 will not count, as they will receive the ballot after the deadline. On the ballot this year will be C-1 school board election, a state question, and a county question. The RE-2 district in Florence, which serves the Wetmore area, will also be voting on their school board and the state question. The county question will only be answered by those who live in the unincorporated areas of the county, that is, outside of the town limits. The Custer County C-1 School district will be voting on directors in districts 1, 2, and 3. On the ballot for District 1 is incumbent Brian Clince, for District 2 is Cynthia (Cyn) Williams and Jacob R. (Jake) Shy, and for District 3 is incumbent Vice President Monty Lee. The State question, Proposition BB asks: “May the state retain and spend state revenues that otherwise would be refunded for exceeding an estimate included in the ballot information booklet for proposition AA and use these revenues to provide forty million dollars for public school building construction and for other needs, such as law enforcement, youth programs, and marijuana education and prevention programs, instead of refunding these revenues to retail marijuana cultivation facilities, retail marijuana purchasers, and other taxpayers?” Ballot Question 1A, the county question, which will be answered only by those who are unincorporated, is as follows: “Without increasing taxes, shall the citizens of Custer County, Colorado, re-establish the county’s right to provide any or all services currently restricted by Title 29, Article 27, Part 1 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, specifically described therein as “Advanced services”, “telecommunication services”, and “cable television services,” including, but not limited to, any new and improved high bandwidth services based on future technologies, utilizing community-owned infrastructure including, but not limited to, any existing fiber optic network, either directly or indirectly with public or private sector service providers, to potential subscribers that may include telecommunications service providers and residential or commercial users within the unincorporated areas of Custer County, but not including the incorporated Towns of Silver Cliff and Westcliffe, which must seek separate voter approval on this question if they so choose?” The Fremont RE-2 school district will also be voting in board members. District C is Tommy Covington, District E is Andy Franklin, District F candidates are Susan Hilderbrand and Linda Schmidt, and District G candidate is Greg Dickey. Fremont RE-2 District will also be voting on Proposition BB, the state question. Thus far 3126 ballots will be mailed out the week of Oct. 12, although that number may change if more residents register before the ballots are turned in on November 3. Residents can visit the Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) at the Custer County Courthouse to register to vote, update voting information, or turn in voting ballots. For questions or more information call 783-2441. – Emily Wenger
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