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Lunch With the Law! Sheriff Shannon Byerly, left, and his deputies flip burgers and dogs last Wednesday for CCHS graduating seniors on their last day of classes leading up to graduation ceremonies on Sunday, May 28. The sheriff/senior luncheon has been an annual affair for the last several years. --Trib photo by Jordan Hedberg
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News for the week of 5/18/2017  
“We dodged a bullet:” Heavy spring storm caused flooding near Wetmore 
EcoDev Summit: Good, bad and ugly 
“Brew with a View” is this Saturday in downtown W’Cliffe 
One deputy quits, one on leave pending inquiry 
Memorial Day 2017: Retired Air Force general to honor veterans during formal ceremony 
Romanian exchange student will cherish her memories of the Valley Highlights of her American adventure: Travel, new friends, self-discovery, four-wheeling! 
Congrats All Around! 
Peaks of the Past