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Temporary City for Nearly 1,000 The county fairgrounds just north of Westcliffe has been transformed into a virtual city for the nearly 1,000 firefighters and support crew battling the Junkins Fire east of town. Firefighters from throughout the West began arriving here on Tuesday, Oct. 18; there were 918 crew members here earlier this week; as of yesterday that number stood at 844. --Trib photo by Jordan Hedberg
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News for the week of 10/27/2016  
Feds: Junkins Fire now 70 percent contained 
School carnival is Saturday; Monday is trick-or-treating! 
Preliminary county budget is $7.5 million 
County’s delinquent tax list shows $102,000 remains unpaid 
Junkins Fire sparks disaster relief efforts 
New Legacy Fund established to benefit Custer schools 
District 3 Commissioner 
Peaks of the Past